Nature at its finest




Here, you can find many events across the country that will put you in touch with nature.  Maybe you are looking for something to do this weekend to pass the time.  Maybe you want to go somewhere and see something that you've never seen before.  There's always something to do no matter where you are located because nature has provided us with beauty in every part of the country.



"Rock the Pocket" - October 14-18th
Location: The Pocket at John's Mountain
What: 14 mile hike up to the peek, then hiking back down for Bluegrass at the Pocket
What to Bring: Camping Gear, Hiking Gear, BYOB

"Gorging in the Gorge" - November 6th-12th
Location: Tallulah Gorge
What: Group Hiking the Gorge in Reverse, stopping only to eat at the River Slide

"December to Remember" - December  24th-26th
Location: Brownlee Mountain
What: Come Join the greatest spectacle of Christmas Lights this world has ever seen.

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