Nature at its finest




Nature At Its Finest

The earth is a beautiful place, especially the great USA.  From the Rocky Mountains in the West, to the Great Plains in the Midwest, even the wetlands in the South, you can find just about any type of landscape that you have your heart set on.  If you're in to hiking, we got it.  If you're into fishing, we got.  If you just want to hang on the beach all day, we got that too.  Nature can be a wonderful place to learn a lot about yourself and the world we live in.  You can even explore the history of your ancestors through various outings across the country.  Here at Nature Elle, you can explore these landmarks that make the USA a great place to live.

Mannington Flooring is an Excellent Choice  


You have three choices when shopping for Mannington flooring. You may select from Mannington Adura Luxury Vinyl Flooring, Mannington Hardwoods and Mannington Laminates.  


The Mannington Adura Luxury Vinyl flooring gives you so many choices on the pattern style. Whether you are looking for the stone look, brick look, wood look, marble look, etc., you are sure to find the perfect vinyl flooring you are looking for.  


Mannington American Hickory
Mannington American Hickory Lock Solid
Mannington Adura MAX
Mannington Adura Plank
Mannington Adura Distinct


The Mannington Adura is very easy to care for. This type of flooring even has ScratchResistâ„¢ within it. Your floor will look brand new for many years to come due to this technology. This type of flooring is perfect for your home in any room as well as your business due to it’s tough strength.  


Mannington Adura
Mannington Adura Spalted Georgian Maple Honeytone




Mannington Adura Summit Hickory Chestnut

Mannington Distinctive Plank


Manningwood Laminates are great for those with children and pets. The laminate flooring will not scratch easily so it is tough enough to withstand children and your pet’s nails when walking or running on the floor. After all, when you purchase a new floor and have it installed you want it to last for a very long time. You can feel rest assured that the Manningwood Laminates will not let you down due to their durability.  


Manningwood Laminates come in seven different types. Each type has more choices for you under the main heading. These floors are easily installed so they will be completed quickly. Manningwood Laminates easily clean up when spills happen. Do not worry if a guest spills his or her wine on your laminate flooring. With a cloth the wine can easily be wiped up.  


Each type of Manningwood flooring is a better choice than carpeting. These floors are so durable and stain proof they will look new for many years to come. You will not have to worry about shampooing them as you would with carpeting.  


Treat yourself to the Manningwood Adura Luxury flooring, the Mannington Hardwoods and/or the Manningwood Laminates.  


Also keep an eye out for newer up and coming Luxury Vinyl Floors such as Congoleum Duraceramic , Armstrong Alterna , Armstrong Luxe Plank , and Earthwerks Vinyl Flooring


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